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This intensive training program is for new – and growing – professionals looking to build a highly profitable web design business using a proven methodology.

This comprehansive program covers the entire web design business framework created by expert web designer Najam Mustafa

and is fully complemented by brand new, custom-designed, step-by-step training for setting up, managing, and marketing a web design business. It’s everything you need to start or grow a high-level services company.

More small business owners and organizations than ever are looking for professional web designers with expertise and experience to guide them towards success.

You are – or soon will be – ready as an expert to help them to achieve their goals.

This program is engineered to give you:

In-depth knowledge of the web design technologies with real life design projects, marketing & growth strategies, clients who you enjoy to work with, efficient time-management while you work in your zone of genius, and a simple, effective, six-figure web design business.

I had no prior web design experience and it was my first course but it didn't disappoint. Being a beginner, at first I was afraid of the investment but this training program taught everything I needed to learn the web design skill and building a profitable business. I landed my first job after completing 70% of the training and marketing to get more clients.

Ismaa A

Lahore, Pakistan

We have high standards at SkillsNow.

Through the Web Design Training Program, we’ll make sure you exceed them with your business while in the company of exceptional trainers.

Learning JUST website design was not enough for me to build a profitable freelance web designer. I already had the web design skills but couldn't start a consistent business out of it. This training program helped with those missing parts and gave me a deep insight on where I was lacking.

Umar K

Alberta, Canada

This is an accelerated training program

You’ll be trained by SkillsNow’s most senior faculty, and you’ll spend your time mastering the material, which is delivered through a combination of online self-study content, downloadable workbooks and tools, and live group coaching sessions.

The program is carefully designed to help web design enthusiasts touch the six-figure revenue ceiling.

01: Unshakeable Foundation

Web Design Fundamentals

Understanding the essentials of web design and types of websites. Learning about different business models online and their goals a website fulfills.

Tools and technologies

A brief introduction to the different tools and technologies. Time efficient and professional CMS that top leaders in the industry use.

Applying the good web design practices & avoiding the bad ones

Learn how identical looking websites have a huge difference

Designing your perfect business model

Aligning your expertise & speciality with your targeted audience to come up with a killer business plan to compete experienced designers

2: Website Design From Scratch

Setting up the tools to get started

Start with the initial setup of the tools to get started with your first website design.

Designing two websites from scratch

Learn from the real life examples of two websites and design side-by-side with your trainer the two websites

Website maintenance and security

Get an in-depth knowledge of website maintenance and best practices of keeping a website well-maintained and secure.

Website speed & performance

One of the vital parts of a website's success is how fast a website loads. Learn the expert secrets of optimizing the website speed and performance.

3: Launching Website Design Business

Business Launch, Goals, & Pricing

Our trainers will help you how to succesfully and flawlessly launch your web design business, set business goals and price your services.

Business Tech Stack

To ensure the quality of work, efficiency, and organized operations, we equip you with essential tools that speed up your work and add extra layer of quality.

Marketing your business

A comprehansive guide to market your new born business. Explore the platforms and techniques to sign up your first client.

Client signup & project completion

How to professionally and safely signup your first client and complete your project. Learn to avoid costly mistakes that lead to a complete disaster.

Leading your Training.

Your trainer is highly qualified and experienced web designer who has designed 300+ websites in different industries for the business from worldwide.

Najam Mustafa

Najam is in the industry for last 12 years and helped worlds leading businesses with web design, digital marketing, and course launches.

Starting in 2010 as a web designer with a rough start and having no idea of all the tools and techniques that contribute to a business success.

Failing and lerning from the mistakes for the first two and half years ultimately built a consistent stream of income as a web designer.

While working closely with world class experts and industry leaders he got the opportunity to learn & apply digital marketing and course launch strategies.

Designed 300+ websites and sales funnels in last 7 years and trained 70+ professionals launch their websites and digital products from scratch. Contributed to million dollar launches and helped generating 2.9 Million dollars in 4 month on one course launch.

After helping businesses from many countries his friends suggested him to launch a training program in Urdu/Hindi for web enthusiasts in Pakistan, so he launched this training program that covers everything from start to end to launch a profitable web design business.

His aim is to help professionals launch their online businesses and live the life they dream by doing what they love to do.

Leading your Training.